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What is Jenman APPROVED?

Jenman APPROVED is an accreditation granted to real estate agents with the highest standards of ethics, values and client care by Neil Jenman, highly respected real estate consumer advocate.
In order to be granted APPROVED status, our agency has undertaken rigorous study and training to ensure that the processes and systems used by our agency protect the interests of Home Sellers and Buyers.
Gard and Associates are the first and only Jenman APPROVED agency in Western Australia – a fact we are proud of.

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Why don’t you show the addresses of the homes for sale on this website?

We choose not to display direct property addresses on our website so that interested buyers will contact us directly.
The reason for this is so that we can talk to buyers directly to gain a better understanding of their buying needs, so that we can better assist them to find the most suitable property or offer them other properties as more suitable options for their consideration.
We feel that not only does this allow us to get to know our clients on a more personal level but it can aid our customers in receiving as much information as possible in order to make the best decision based on their individual circumstances. All without becoming a pest and continually bothering you as a Buyer. You can choose the level of contact we will give you.

Why should I sell my home through Gard and Associates?

Every Agent says that they are the best – we will prove it to you! We offer a guarantee whereby if you are not happy with the service we provide and we do not rectify any problems you may have, you may dismiss us and go to another agent.
We will guarantee the price we quote you for the sale of your property, if the property sells for less than the price we quote you – you pay nothing, no fees, no marketing – not one red cent.
By offering a guarantee, you as a seller are not at any risk. We as the agent take the risk. It is what we call ‘Risk Free Selling’.

Don’t take our word for it, click here to see what some of our past clients have to say about our service.


What is your Guarantee?

We offer what is called the Homesellers Protection Guarantee which protects you as a Seller from being ‘locked in’ to an agent you may not be happy with. Your price we quote you is guaranteed – you don’t pay us if we sell the property for less than the quoted price.
There are many more reasons you should use a Guarantee when appointing an Agent.
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Why should I buy my home through Gard and Associates?

At Gard and Associates we have a wide range of properties available ranging from Vacant Land, 2 bedroom units up to 4 bedroom 2 bathroom homes and beyond.
If we don’t have what you are looking for – we will find it for you.
We offer an exclusive buyer service which allows you as a buyer the opportunity to have one of our HomeFINDER’s go searching for a property that will suit your needs – this is a FREE service that we can and do provide.
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What areas do Gard and Associates cover?

Gard and Associates core area of business is in and around the Greater Bunbury area, notably from Leschenault to the north and Stratham to the south and now with a strong presence in Molloy Island near Augusta.
From time to time we are known to sell properties in other areas including Margaret River, Manjimup, Bridgetown, Albany, Kambalda/Kalgoorlie, Harvey, Brunswick,  Mandurah, Augusta and Molloy Island.
We feel that it is important that for us to accept a client outside of our usual service area that we can deliver the level of service and support to ensure a fantastic experience with Gard and Associates.
This is why we are mindful of not trying to spread ourselves too thin.
If you have a property outside of Bunbury and would like us to help you sell it, please click here or give us a call to discuss the options that we may be able to help you with.


Can you help me to buy or sell in another area?

Yes, we have a wide network of agents in many areas across Australia and New Zealand all of whom we are confident in referring you to.
We will not refer you to an agent we have not spoken with or dealt with in the past.


Can you help me with information not listed on your website?

Ask Jason
If you have any questions about any real estate matters or are unsure if information you are receiving is correct, Ask Jason allows you to contact the Principal of Gard and Associates direct so you can get the information direct from the source.
Click here to Ask Jason.